About us

Experience and connections

Sinowei is a China centric company lead by a talented team of individuals with skills, attitude and expertise required to win business in China. Our team of highly educated executives are multi-lingual professionals who know how to conduct business in China.

Based in Belfast – Shanghai, and most recently Hangzhou, China; Our team and associates have expertise across a broad range of sectors, including: International Trade, International Finance, Brand creation and Brand building, Trademark protection, Venture Capital & Private Equity; Technology, Transport and Logistics. We are experienced with the culture of doing business in China and have been successfully executing trades and deals in the country. Sinowei officially represent Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and Chinese government commercial Departments. We have a network of hundreds of distributors, retailers, wholesalers, businesses and online e-tailers throughout China. We have delivered contracts and business for companies and brands without the need to visit China.

“We see China as the greatest opportunity for Western companies to win new and potentially huge business into the future. While pressures of the pandemic are still being felt, China’s reopening will support the much-needed strengthening of economies throughout the world. Whether it’s exports, imports, sourcing, tourism – our focus 2023 is all about China.”

Gerry O'Reilly

CEO & Founder / Sinowei


Originally, Sinowei’s trading markets were mainly in Europe. Sinowei represents many of the world’s leading European manufacturers and has private label contracts with UK and Irish retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Musgrave, Dunnes, etc. In addition, Sinowei develops branded products for companies in the UK, Ireland and the US.

China Trading office and showroom

In China, our trading office and showroom is located in Shanghai at the Greenland G-Hub which is a B2B international trading hub. We operate the Sinowei Import Pavilion. The location of the G-Hub is part of the CIIE (China International Import Exhibition) in Shanghai.

In February 2023, we opened our second import pavilion in the city of Hangzhou; just over 100 miles from Shanghai.

We work with producers to help our Sinowei team by developing brands and marketing strategies that deliver on the brand promise, harness loyalty, and engage customers in China. In doing so, we help our partner companies improve their business performance, and make their marketing spend more efficient. Our capabilities in this area include Direct selling; marketing and loyalty strategy; digital and social media strategy; brand strategy and positioning; and customer engagement.

Our Company Business License in China

License scope: alcohol business; food business; Import and export of goods; Import and export of technology.

General items: Mothercare products supplies and sales, cosmetics, electronic products, clothing, sales consultancy, trade brokers, information consulting services, marketing planning, corporate image planning, conference and exhibition services, project planning and public relations services, translation and localisation services, organisation of cultural and artistic exchange activities, the second category of medical device sales.

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