China Team & Partners

Our team in Shanghai are experienced multi-lingual professionals.

Every day the Shanghai team are engaging with many existing and potential buyers. The buyers are from all over China, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, on-line sellers and much more. Our team meet buyers in our showroom every day but also travel to present products around China at various trade shows.

The Shanghai team manage our showroom displays on behalf of our partners and they also translate all marketing materials to Mandarin or Cantonese. They also liaise with our partners by providing updates and also conduct conference calls and video meetings with our clients regularly.

Our Chinese partners the Greenland Group are the third largest Chinese state owned enterprise in China. We work closely with Greenland and will be opening other trading offices and showrooms in a variety of cities. We have customers and partners in the following cities:


Population: 21.536M, Size:16410.54 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 3537.13B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): 2866.35B RMB.


Population: 24.2814M, Size: 6340.5 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 3815.532B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): 3404.682B RMB.


Population: 15.3059M, Size: 7434.40 Sq. kilometers, GDP:2362.860B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): 999.07B RMB.


Population: 31.2432M, Size: 82402 Sq. kilometers, GDP:2360.577B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): 579.28B RMB.


Population: 13.0266M, Size: 1997.47 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 2692.709B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): 2977.386B RMB.

Inner Mongolia

Population: 25.396M, Size:3063956 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 1721.25B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): RMB, 109.57B RMB.

Hong Kong

Population: 7.501M, Size: 2865.407 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 2580.687B RMB, Imports and exports (2018): 8415.616B RMB.


Population: 10.7499M, Size: 8657.32 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 1859.747B RMB, Imports and exports (2018): 2337.56B RMB.


Population: 10.36M, Size: 16853.57 Sq. kilometers, GDP: 1537.3B RMB, Imports and exports (2019): over 3,000B RMB.

China Trading office and showroom

In China our trading office and showroom is located in Shanghai at the Greenland G-Hub which is a B2B international trading hub. We operate the Sinowei Import Pavilion. The location of the G-Hub is part of the CIIE (China International Import Exhibition) in Shanghai.

The China International Import Expo is a trade fair held in autumn annually since 2018 in Shanghai, China. It is the world’s first import-themed national-level expo. It attracts exhibitors from multiple countries and the Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum. It is a prestigious event in the China business calendar and our showroom is part of the overall exhibition, so we are have a great advantage as a result of this location.

Conducting Business in China

If we reflect on our experience over the years in China and how to start business relationships, first off, it is crucial to invest considerable personal time and energy, building friendships and trusted business networks. This is challenging in many ways. Distance, language, culture and cost. Less than 1% of Chinese speak the language of business; English.

To build relationships in China, there are obvious challenges, language and culture being just two. Relationships start with the question of trust. There are two opposite ways of extending trust. One is, to trust until given reason not to; the other is not to trust until there is enough evidence of trustworthiness. China takes the latter approach. As a consequence, the Chinese tend not to trust people outside their in-group.

For example, a key element in building trust is engaging in extended dinners with Chinese hosts, during which everything but business is discussed. At these events, alcohol plays an important role, as does drinking ‘baijiu’ the drink of choice for the Chinese business community. Baijiu, distilled from sorghum and rice, rules every festive occasion in China where it’s the tipple of choice for everything from wedding receptions to business banquets. Baijiu is around 60% alcohol by volume, compared to say whiskey which is usually 40%. It’s fun and usually involves a series of personal toasts for everyone in the company, to the shout of ‘Ganbei’ which means bottoms up.. drink the full shot and many more to follow.

We would advise: drink intelligently

Becoming Friends

In a general sense, many western business people don’t prioritise becoming ‘friends’ with clients and customers. However in China this key; as friends are trusted and trust leads to business. As already stated, this task is not easy when 99% of Chinese don’t speak English and even less westerners speak Chinese. These challenges are compounded when conveying one’s personality is partly delivered via an interpreter. At Sinowei, we have overcome many of these challenges by building a professional Chinese team who speak chinese and english. We have invested in building strategic relationships that have and continue to deliver profitable business.

Our team at Sinowei are now very proud to call many of our Chinese business colleagues, friends for life. These relationships have connected many of our family members who continually share social activities and updates. Throughout the year, we spend time together in China and also in Ireland and the UK.

So why face these challenges with China?


China is the largest country in the world by population with over 160 cities of more than a million inhabitants.

Consumer Market

It’s the fastest growing consumer market, this is a result of the increasing number of middle income consumers.

Growth is ensured

Growth is ensured by the Chinese monetary policy.

Luxury goods

Forecasted to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by the year 2020

Services to win business in China

We have a wide range of initial and additional services to help you in China.

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