Brands Spotlight


Knappogue Castle Whiskey

The Quiet Man

Pedrino Spritz

Piranha Schnapps

Mil Gin

Punchy Drinks

Fat Frog

Causeway Coast Superior Irish Cream Liqueur

Republic of Whiskey

Jack Ryan Whiskey

Tweeddale Whiskey

Clontarf Irish Whiskey

Lo Bello Baby Nutrition

Caminito Ice Cream

Serano Nuts

Glen's of Antrim Crisps


Soft Commodities

Happy Monkey

Danayo Yogurts

Les Perfums De Violet

Les Parfums de Rosine

Memoize Perfumes

Detaille Paris

So why face these challenges with China?


China is the largest country in the world by population with over 160 cities of more than a million inhabitants.

Consumer Market

It’s the fastest growing consumer market, this is a result of the increasing number of middle income consumers.

Growth is ensured

Growth is ensured by the Chinese monetary policy.

Luxury goods

Forecasted to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by the year 2020

Services to win business in China

We have a wide range of initial and additional services to help you in China.

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