Euro Caps

Private label coffee capsule manufacturer

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Background and Objectives

Euro-Caps is a world leading Private Label Manufacturer of Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible coffee capsules. They produce these capsules for the private label market, a market where a manufacturer produces a product – or a range of products – and supplies these products generally to a retailer.

In 2019 our CEO Gerry, worked with, Hans Voorschuur Sales Director and Maurice Remijn Key Account Manager, to develop a plan to win private-label business for Euro-Caps in China.

What we did

We decided to jointly participate in the PLMA  (Private Label Manufacturing Association) trade show in Shanghai in December 2019.  Again our team translated all of the marketing material into Chinese and ensured that our Dutch client was ready for the trade show in Shanghai. We appointed a key member of our Shanghai team, Will, to liaise with everyone and smooth the way for the process to start in China. Will met with Hans and Maurice when they arrived in China and translated for the guys over the days at the show, provided a tour of Shanghai, and introduced them to our team at the showroom in G-Hub.


Following this successful visit to Shanghai, Gerry then travelled to Rotterdam to gain a greater understanding of Euro-Caps capabilities and expectations in China. We decided that we would build a target list of potential customers in China and appoint Will in Shanghai to be the brand ambassador for Euro-Caps in China. Will is now targeting and meeting with potential buyers in China, mostly large retailers. The Euro-Caps team intend joining us at the CIIE show in Shanghai this November by which time the Sinowei team will have successfully won business in China for our partner client.

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