Jawbox Gin


Belfast, Northern Ireland


    • Test Chinese market for gin and US whiskey
    • Manage customs clearance & shipment
    • Introduce new sales opportunities

Project Year: 2021 – Present


Experts in design innovation and hand-craft, Drinksology align with key factors which strengthened their launch position into the Chinese market. Country of origin plays an important role for the perception of imported spirits, depending on the category.


The journey began with our Belfast team working to translate and localise Jawbox gin and Bowsaw whiskey marketing material. Samples were sent to our Shanghai team and Chinese accreditation applications were made. Sinowei Studios educated Chinese consumers on the individual products across a series of bilingual video segments.


Both the Jawbox and Bowsaw ranges catered to the demands of China’s market. Both demonstrate traditional expressions of these spirits, while also offering variation of flavours and strengths. Often indistinguishable from China’s national spirit (Baijiu), Jawbox is shifting this notion with a colour-infused range.


Drinksology brands were officially launched in China by the Sinowei team at the 2021 CIIE in Shanghai. Jawbox and Bowsaw have since been exhibited at several locations across the country including Chengdu, Hainan and Hangzhou. We sent our first shipment of Jawbox and Bowsaw towards the end of 2021. Thus far, we’ve seen the greatest reception in _______ China.

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