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Sinowei works on behalf of the company ZGC Group, based in the Yangtze River Delta Region that manage several science and technology innovation park. The parks are located in a number of great Chinese cities including Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Huzhou, and Nanjing. The science and technology parks are part of the Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Zhongguancun is known as China’s Silicon Valley.

ZGC Group is seeking to collaborate and assist western companies from cutting edge technologies. The focus is on information industry, health industry, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries.

On behalf of the ZGC Group we can introduce prospective client companies to the following services:-

1. Sci-tech park service

The provision of basic services for enterprises in the science parks, including office and production space, property services, supporting services, and so on. Significant efforts are made to improve the service level in production and life; to accommodate special requirements of R&D and production from enterprises tenants; and to help enterprises to expand layout via three kinds of sci-tech parks (parks in Beijing, beyond Beijing, and abroad).

2. Industrial service:

The sci-tech parks mainly serve the innovators and start-ups in certain high-tech industries. The plan is to create a new ecosystem for innovation and start-ups by providing the business incubator, public technology platform, sci-tech achievement transformation among other services.

3. Financial service:

ZGC Group operates a financing and investment system, providing bond financing services, finance intermediary services and capital services, etc. Driven by both self-owned capital and social capital, multi-level financial services for enterprises in the Parks is provided.

4. Policy service:

ZGC Group is a bridge linking enterprises and Chinese government agencies, by providing one-stop administrative approval assisting services covering administration for industry and commerce, tax, exit-entry administration and other areas. We also provide policy advisory services and relevant application and report services.

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Services to win business in China

We have a wide range of initial and additional services to help you in China.

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