Sinowei Studios

Video demonstration and product reviews in Chinese

Our digital marketing team develops and executes an online strategy for your brand(s), from content production, digital marketing and social strategy, we have the ability to reach Chinese consumers online through Chinese social media platforms, such as Weibo, TikTok, Bilibili, WeChat and Baidu.

Tweeddale Whisky

5min 38sec

Republic of Whiskey

7min 17sec

Bowsaw Straight Corn Whiskey

5min 49sec

Bowsaw Bourbon

5min 19sec

Jawbox Gin

6min 12sec

Gemblue Gin

6min 55sec

Nelsons Gin

4min 09sec

Swiss Gold Gin

4min 38sec

London Square

5min 30sec


8min 09sec

Serano Nuts

7min 45sec

Happy Monkey

4min 15sec
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