Savage Kingdom
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Tweeddale Whisky
In the studio we have Tweeddale Whisky - a historical Scotch brand from Coldstream in Scotland. Tweeddale use whisky recipes that date back 200 years! One of their most renowned recipes is a blend of 8 single malt whisky's and 1 single grain whisky.
Savage Kingdom
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Republic of Whiskey
"We're not a state, more a state of mind. A place where liberty fearlessly speaks the truth and generosity can be found in friendship's warm embrace. Born in Ireland long ago but now shared throughout the world, our distilled democracy is easily joined. One sip and you're elected." - Proclamation of the Republic of Whiskey.
MARS: Trailer
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Les Parfums de Rosine
Today we have Les Parfums De Rosine in the studio - a fabulous perfumery from Paris, France. Les Parfums de Rosine is a historical brand, centred around roses. Dating back over a century, the brand is defined by its refined and elegant style.
MARS: Trailer
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Maison Violet
Today we have Maison Violet in the studio - a distinguished perfumery from Paris, France. Violet is a historical brand that was founded in 1827 and revived nearly two centuries later, in 2017. It transformed the French cosmetics industry. This Heritage Collection is placed as a worthy representative of French character - both historical and modern.
Planet Earth II
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Pedrino Spritz
We have multi-award winning, Pedrino Spritz in the studio – a range of Aperitif spritzers from Melius drinks in London. This trio of flavours include tonic water that has been artfully blended with liquors such as vermouth, sherry and port! Pedrino have proved successful having won a collection of national and international awards. They were also awarded International Pre-mixed Drinks Producer of the Year.
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Piranha Schnapps
Piranha is a range of high quality schnapps from Cult Drinks in Dublin. This is a sophisticated and dynamic brand with five distinct infused flavours: Kola, Peach, Sour Apple, Cherry and newest addition Espresso. Piranha Schnapps can be enjoyed on their own and they're delicious over a bit of crushed ice. Why not try one in a cocktail? Each Piranha Schnapps bottle has a cocktail recipe on the back - the creations are endless!
Extreme Weather: Trailer
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Happy Monkey
We have Happy Monkey in the studio - a range of kids smoothies from Good Natured. Happy Monkey products are made from 100% fruit + vegetables and there are absolutely no additives or preservatives. Happy Monkey can ensure your child gets at least 1 of their 5 a day, as well as nutrients that are essential for your child's growth and development.

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Tweeddale Whisky

5min 38sec

Republic of Whiskey

7min 17sec

Piranha Schnapps

6min 09sec

Causeway Coast Cocktail

2min 36sec

Jawbox Gin

6min 12sec

Gemblue Gin

6min 55sec

Nelson’s Gin

4min 09sec

Swiss Gold Gin

4min 38sec

London Square

5min 30sec

Sloemotion Gin

6min 34sec

Causeway Coast

4min 43sec

Siglo Cero Pox

6min 39sec

Pedrino Spritz

4min 28sec

Finders Spirits

4min 31sec

Fat Frog

4min 42sec

Flying Flamingo

3min 10sec


8min 09sec

Nutkao Spreads

5min 56sec

Serano Nuts

7min 45sec

Happy Monkey

4min 15sec


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