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Single Cask Whisk(e)y Program

Buy your very own Single Cask Irish or Scottish whisk(e)y. Cask strength, non-chill filtered and unique to a single oak barrel. Sinowei source the finest barrels from distilleries across Ireland and Scotland to provide you with whisk(e)y that is unique and your very own.

Sinowei operates its cask program in both Ireland and Scotland to offer you access to the finest whiskies in the world. Our team of whisk(e)y specialists can give you expert guidance in choosing the right cask. Whether you wish to invest in whisk(e)y that has been newly casked or something already matured we can provide you with the service.

Contact our team at Sinowei today to discuss options and find out more about the word Irish and Scottish whiskey.

1st Fill Bourbon Cask Single Malt

This whiskey will age exclusively in American White Oak (Quercus Alba) which originates from the USA’s Appalachian Region. On average 92% of all Irish Whiskey is aged in this style of cask. It is an extremely hard wood, with a tight ringed structure, which makes it the ideal material for storing spirit.

The American white oak casks used in Ireland, will always formally have contained American Bourbon whiskey. Great Northern Distillery source their casks from Jack Daniels & Jim Beam distillery, based in Tennessee & Kentucky respectively. They are then transported to Europe where they are re-assembled at a cooperage.

Owing to the high content of Lignin in this wood, whiskies aged in it generally feature notes of vanilla or coconut on the nose & palette. Due to these being second-hand casks, one can typically expect a lighter impact of wood, resulting in longer maturation periods and balanced whiskey, benefitting from quality Irish spirit.

1st Fill Sherry Cask Single Malt

This whiskey is aged in European Oak (Quercus Pyrenaica) which originates in Northern Spain. This wood represents on average 5% of Irish Whiskey maturation and is formally used to mature Spain’s fortified wine; Sherry. It is a softer wood than its American relative. The material is more porous and therefore whiskey stored in these casks tend to absorb flavours from the oak earlier.

The sherry casks used by Great Northern Distillery, in this case, are 1st-fill and therefore one can expect residual sugars from the wine in the mature whiskey.

Whiskey aged in these casks tends to be darker in colour and have notes of tobacco, dried dark fruits and phosphorous.

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