Sourcing from China

When it comes to sourcing products from China, we can connect you to trusted manufacturers with our separate sourcing division China-Sourced

China-Sourced works as a separate division, helping client customers to buy products from China. China Sourced are not a reseller of physical products, instead we search, identify and source suppliers of products according to our customers’ requirements and take care of all your procurement issues in China.

The team at China Sourced make your purchasing process more efficient and we help you benefit from the opportunities when buying from China with the overall aim to lower your purchasing costs. Our experience and qualified team will ensure that you get good quality products delivered and that you get a professional service. On behalf of our customers we take an active role during the entire purchasing process monitoring the flow of information and products from supplier sourcing to final delivery. We also ensure that both product quality and delivery punctuality are met to each client’s expectations.

Supplier sourcing

Supplier evaluations

Business negotiations

Legal advice

Technical discussions

Order handling

Quality control


Supplier development

Working on your behalf

Our team at China Sourced always work on behalf of our customers, not our suppliers. Instead of employing another purchaser in your department, the team act as your supply chain management team in China and we take care of all aspects in getting the right product, at the right landed price, at the right time to your premises.

We de-risk selling your products in China. Get in touch for a free brand consultation.

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