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Navigating China’s Unique Business

As one of the world’s largest markets and strongest business eco-system, China presents significant growth opportunity for Western trade. Yet, many companies lose time and capital trying to establish how to navigate this. Whether it’s selling to the consumer market or sourcing from Chinese manufacturers, Sinowei offer a full range of services to help you win business in China. Based in Shanghai, London and Belfast – our talented team have refined their skills and expertise over several years in a broad range of sectors: International Trade, Global Finance, Branding, Trademark Protection, Marketing, B2B / B2C Sales, Customs Clearance, Sourcing and Logistics.

jawbox gin at chinese trade show with Sinowei

"We see China as the greatest opportunity for Western companies to win new and potentially huge business into the future. While pressures of the pandemic are still being felt, China’s reopening will support the much-needed strengthening of economies throughout the world. Whether it’s exports, imports, sourcing, tourism – our focus 2024 is all about China."

Gerry O'Reilly CEO & Founder / Sinowei

Sinowei History

Having worked with many of the world’s leading European manufacturers to develop private label projects for UK and Irish retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Musgrave and Dunnes – Sinowei’s expansion into the Chinese market was lead by this experience. Since 2019, Sinowei has been an importer and distributor of European products into Chinese market. Sinowei has also been a trusted sourcing partner in China since 2022.

Shanghai trade show with Sinowei and Jawbox

Sinowei Ltd, a UK-based company, is incorporated. They make their first public appearance at the Ireland-Asia business summit in Nass, Co. Kildare, representing Irish food and drink brands to Chinese buyers. Founder Gerry O'Reilly builds a significant business network in Asia, including China. Sinowei gains authority to purchase commodity products for Chinese state-owned enterprises, focusing on beef, pork, and poultry.


Sinowei introduces the Shanghai team to Ireland, showcasing Irish seafood and whiskey. They establish a Shanghai subsidiary and obtain an official Chinese import-export license. Sinowei opens its first Import Pavilion in Shanghai, representing UK brands and hosting a launch party attended by government representatives from Ireland, UK, and China.


The COVID-19 pandemic impacts operations, leading to temporary closures and travel restrictions. Sinowei adapts by hosting virtual events, including a St. Patrick's Day live stream.


As restrictions ease, Sinowei participates in international trade fairs, including CIIE and Anuga. They also celebrate Chinese New Year with various activities in Shanghai and Belfast.


Despite a lockdown in Shanghai, Sinowei continues to exhibit at food expos and hosts events. They encourage companies to revisit importing from China at The Business Show in London.


Sinowei expands, launching a sister platform focused on sourcing from China and establishing a joint venture in the Philippines. Travel restrictions in China begin to lift, allowing for international collaboration and events, including a significant presence at food and drink import shows in Shanghai.


Sinowei continues to engage in international trade shows and celebrates the Chinese New Year, highlighting their ongoing growth and global connections.


China Trading office and showroom

To win business with China, you need to be permanently based in China, 365 days a year. We opened our trading office and showroom in 2019 at the Greenland G-Hub: a B2B facility which was launched in Shanghai to strengthen China’s flow of trade with other countries. Sinowei’s showroom is also known as The United Kingdom Import Pavilion. As well as introducing world-class brands from the UK and Europe, we also celebrate the culture of these countries into our showroom display.

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As an official Chinese importer/exporter, Sinowei hold several licenses which allow us to conduct business in the country.

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