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China Export Services

Since 2019, Sinowei have been the trusted representatives in China for many high-grade clients from across the UK, Europe and South America seeking to sell their products in China. Exporting goods to China, the world’s second largest economy, presents vast opportunities but also requires navigating a complex array of regulations, cultural norms and logistics challenges. As a registered Chinese company with several import/export and business licenses, Sinowei’s end-to-end services facilitate this process to ensure compliance and maximise market potential.

Sinowei team at trade show specalising in exporting and importing western brands to China

Sinowei bridges businesses with China's market, offering expert export solutions for UK, EU, and South American brands aiming for success since 2019

Initial Consultation

We begin by offering a free consultation with our Belfast and Shanghai teams. At this stage we review your company, brand and products as well as expectations for the Chinese market. We walk you through China certifications and other important requirements within your sector. At this point, we walk through potential market entry strategy, budget, timing and resources planning. This is useful for establishing whether you’re China curious or China serious.

Market Research and Analysis

Once agreements are finalised, we activate in-depth market research and analysis, led by our Shanghai team. This is crucial for brand positioning and launch strategy. We help you understand regional preferences, behaviours and purchasing patterns within the diverse Chinese demographics. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we create a clear view of the market landscape, enabling us to pinpoint gaps and opportunities for clients.

While our team have decades of combined experience trading in China’s market, we take a fresh approach with every client project so to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive report.

Translation and Localisation

At Sinowei, we help bridge the gap between cultures and languages, ensuring your brand message resonates with precision and clarity. Our team of native and certified Mandarin speakers specialize in delivering high-quality, professional translations for your legal documents, marketing materials and technical manuals.

Beyond translation, we assist clients in brand localisation. This is crucial because what works in Western markets doesn’t always work in China. Without sufficient awareness of cultural nuances, preference and taboos, companies risk misinterpretation or causing offense. We work with clients to tailor marketing messages, product designs and business strategies in a way that appeals to the local audience.

Compliance and Approval

Success in China hinges on a thorough understanding of the complex regulatory environment. To ensure our clients are “China ready” and “China compliant”, Sinowei provide services for completing the necessary applications and registrations. This includes the likes of GACC, AQSIQ, CIQ which enables client brands and products to be legally sold into China. We also work on behalf of clients to register your Chinese trademark and create your Chinese back label, which must be approved by Chinese customs and applied to every product.

Entry and Launch

Once you’re China ready and China compliant, we prepare your market entry and launch. This involves showcasing your brand and product through a series of events. “Entering China is to start again”, so a well thought out strategy is required. Every client is assigned a designated brand ambassador who leads these launch activities.

First, your products are displayed in our Sinowei Shanghai showroom, where your brand is marketed to Chinese buyers throughout the year.

We officially launch client brands at one of the many Chinese trade fairs we attend throughout the year. The appointed show depends on your product sector and time frame. Even throughout the pandemic, our team exhibited in Shanghai, Shenzen, Chengdu, Jinan, Beijing, Hainan and Hangzhou.

Brand Activation

In parallel with your market entry and launch, we activate your brand through an integration of online and offline experiences. This stage focuses on winning the attention of Chinese consumers by interacting on key social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Little Red Book and Bilibili. We plan brand campaigns which align with Chinese festivals and reflect regional dialects, humour and preferences which improve your brands relatability and authenticity.

Our team hosts tasting events and live presentations in our Shanghai Showroom as well as in-store and networking events. Increasing visibility offline not only gets the product into the hands (and mouth) of the target customers but strengthens their trust in the brand.

Selling in China

We use a combination of offline and online sales and marketing strategies to reach B2B and B2C consumers across China. Sinowei is an importer and distributor of goods in China. We sell to some of the largest retailers, supermarkets and wholesalers in the country including Olé, Sams Club, 7eleven, Starbucks and many more. We also work with Chinese state-owned enterprises to source and import Western products.

Selling through China’s e-commerce platforms is an excellent way to increase discoverability across Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Our core online sales channels include WeChat Mini Programs, Community Group Buying platforms, KOL and KOC collaborations, livestreaming and social media shopping.

Export your products to China

Sinowei excels in guiding international brands through the intricacies of entering the Chinese market. Our expertise spans regulatory compliance, cultural adaptation, and logistical coordination, ensuring a smooth and successful market entry. Partner with us to transform challenges into opportunities and elevate your brand’s footprint in China’s dynamic economy.

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