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Bowsaw: Kentucky Tradition Meets China’s Growing Whiskey Market

Bowsaw is a range of American whiskey, honouring the country’s most prominent distilling state. A trilogy of bourbon, straight corn and rye whiskey, Bowsaw embodies the spirit of Kentucky craftsmanship. Using time-honoured techniques, Bowsaw offers a full-bodied experience in every sip. Bowsaw is represented by Drinksology, who were keen to test the market in China.

bowsaw whiskey export to china

Market Research and Objectives

China’s market for Bourbon whiskey has been experiencing a notable growth. Despite the challenges posed by tariffs and trade tensions, Bourbon has found its niche among Chinese consumers who are eager to explore this distinguished spirit. China’s younger consumers enjoy the smooth, sweet character and versatility of American whiskies.

Project year: 2021


Starting with the team in Belfast, we worked with the client to translate all marketing materials and prepare customs clearance documents before shipping samples to Sinowei Shanghai. When faced with issues regarding country of origin, our team resolved this on the client’s behalf. Trademark protection was registered both in English and Chinese.

bowsaw whiskey export to china sinowei

Brand Activation

Sinowei Studios created bespoke brand videos to educate Chinese consumers on the characteristics of American Bourbon and whiskey. We also created bourbon cocktail recipes which would appeal to the Chinese consumer. The team officially launched Bowsaw Whiskey at the CIIE in November 2021. The brand has since been exhibited at several trade fairs across the country, including Shandong, Shenzen, Hainan, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Beijing.

Export products to China


The launch of Bowsaw into the Chinese market proved successful, particularly in the on-trade setting. The first trial orders of Bowsaw Whiskey were shipped to China in 2022.

China expo for sourcing and import

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