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Cloetta’s Sweet Expansion into Chinese Market

Cloetta Confectionery, established in 1862 in Sweden, is a renowned European confectionery company that has delighted taste buds for over a century with its wide range of sweets, chocolates, and snacks. Cloetta has introduced a variety of beloved brands which have become household names in over 60 countries. Their team the Netherlands’ works with Sinowei to grow in China.

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Market Research and Objectives

The Chinese market has shown a growing appetite for imported European confectionery, driven by the increasing middle-class consumer base that associates European brands with quality and luxury. This demand is particularly strong for high-end chocolates, sweets, and biscuits, which are often gifted during festivals and special occasions. Moreover, the rise of e-commerce platforms has further facilitated access to these imported treats.

Project year: 2023 - Present


Starting with Sinowei Belfast, we worked with Cloetta’s team in the Netherlands to identify their most suitable brands to launch in China. Once selected, we translated the relevant marketing materials and prepared customs clearance documents for sending samples to our team in Shanghai. Cloetta visited our showroom in Shanghai to learn more about the market and build guanxi with our team. We managed the extensive application processes required for registering Cloetta’s multiple factories and SKUs.

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Brand Activation

With two of Shanghai’s most important import shows of the year approaching, we prepared for a double launch. Two shows in one week. The Sinowei team officially launched Cloetta products at FHC and CIIE in Shanghai, November 2023. Cloetta had designated stands at our trade show booths and Chewie the Chewit monster came to help us out! A series of key brand messages were translated and localised for China.

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Since their official launch, the most sought-after Cloetta brands have been The Jelly Bean Factory, Red Band and Chewits. Exploring their range of unique flavours and textures has proven popular and the first trial orders are set to land in May 2024.

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