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Dublin City Brewing Case Study

Dublin City Beer captures the essence of Ireland’s rich brewing tradition, renowned for its innovative approach and memorable taste. Blending classic Irish brewing techniques with a modern twist, this range of quality craft beer pays homage to some of Ireland’s greatest legends.

Irish beer in Chinese marketing

Market Research and Objective

China’s market for craft beer has shown promising growth, driven by an increasing thirst for premium and unique international beverages. This niche market benefits from increased disposable incomes and a younger generation eager to explore diverse flavors and beer styles, which Irish craft beers distinctly offer.

Project year: 2022


Starting with the team in Belfast, we worked with the client to translate all marketing materials and prepare customs clearance documents before shipping samples to Sinowei Shanghai. China‘s trademark classification doesn‘t allow for place names to be used, so we worked with the client to create a new Chinese name which still conveyed their Irish theme. We also had to think of new SKU names for the “Renegade“ ale and “Liberator“ lager.


Exporting beer to China

Brand Activation

In classic Irish style, we shared stories of the great Irish legends who inspired DCB’s branding. Sinowei Studios created bespoke and colourful brand videos to educate Chinese consumers on the benefits of switching to craft beer. The team officially launched Dublin City Beers at the CIIE in November 2021. The brand has since been exhibited at several trade fairs across the country, including Shenzen, Shandong, Chengdu and Beijing.


Dublin beer marketing and sales in China


The positive reception in China came as no surprise. Dublin City Brewing Co. successfully stands out in this high-end market with their rainbow array of coloured tins and distinct label textures. Partnered with the beers’ memorable, creamy mouthfeel and unique flavour profiles, our team have achieved first sales in the market from August 2022.

Exporting, selling and marketing beer in China

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