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Happy Monkey Drinks to China Case Study

Happy Monkey Drinks is a line of beverages designed with both taste and health in mind, primarily targeting the younger demographic with their fun packaging and fruit-forward flavors. Each smoothie and milkshake are crafted to offer a delicious way to feed our nutrition, incorporating real fruit juices without the addition of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Market Research and Objectives

Health-focused drinks for children has seen significant growth in China. With burgeoning middle-class parents willing to invest in health and wellness products for their offspring, the market presents a promising opportunity for brands that prioritize quality, safety, and cultural adaptability in their offerings.

Project year: 2020


Starting with the team in Belfast, we worked with the client to translate all marketing materials and prepare customs clearance documents before shipping samples to Sinowei Shanghai. When faced with challenges regarding the brand’s GACC approval, our team were able to resolve this issue on the client’s behalf. Trademark protection was registered both in English and Chinese. The team conducted in-depth research of children’s drinks in China – with focus on the imported and fruit and dairy categories.

Brand Activation

Sinowei Studios created bespoke brand videos to educate Chinese consumers on the nutritional benefits of each drink. The team officially launched Happy Monkey Drinks at the CIIE in November 2020. The brand has since been exhibited at several trade fairs across the country, including Shandong, Shenzen, Hangzhou, Hainan, Chengdu and Beijing.


Happy Monkey drinks are selling through major supermarkets and retailers across the country – including Starbucks. Online sales through community group platforms have also been successful. Happy Monkey’s launch in China proved extremely popular, with demand surpassing the supply capabilities of the producer.

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