Selling in China

We offer an initial FREE consultation with our Belfast and Shanghai teams that includes:

  • Review of your company & brand, products, your distribution & supply model for China
  • Analysis of the product-market fit of your brand for China and customer target profiling
  • Walk through of the import requirements, China certifications and trademark protection
  • Briefing on a potential market entry strategy, and budget, timing & resources planning


Statement of Work

Based on our consultations between you and the Sinowei team, we will create a ‘Statement of Work’ This will outline the deliverables, timelines, and capture critical details such as expected milestones.




Samples for China

Sinowei can organise shipment of your product samples to China, clear customs and pay duties. Samples are defined as a small amount e.g. one case. Samples arrive for our team are displayed in our showroom/trading office in Shanghai.

Exclusive Contract, Quotation & Payment

We require exclusivity for mainland China, Hong Kong and Duty Free Sales in both territories. We provide a contract in this regard. This is necessary at the beginning of our process because when our Sinowei team start marketing your company and products in China it is very likely that you will be approached by many buyers in China that we have create the awareness of your company, brands and products. Therefore, as partners we expect enquiries from these territories to be directed to Sinowei. Payment is required for plan to be executed.

Translation and Localisation

We provide full and accurate translation of your company’s marketing & sales material into Mandarin and Cantonese. We then print basic marketing material in China for the showroom and for potential customers.

Chinese Accreditation

Chinese government accreditation is a requirement depending on your product sector. We can apply and deliver this accreditation which enables your company’s products to be legally sold in China to the Chinese consumer.

Sinowei website

Ready to bring your product to over 1bn Chinese internet users? Your company and products will be featured on our bespoke Sinowei Chinese B2B platform, with all information fully translated in both mandarin and cantonese and marketed to buyers throughout the year. 

WeChat Pavilion

We provide online representation on our WeChat pavilion store (late April / May 2020)WeChat mini-stores are the key for smaller brands and retailers. Sinowei is launching an innovative marketing campaign on WeChat to drive traffic and sales to our mini-program stores. 


Sales Contracts with China

The ultimate result is profitable sales of your company products into China. If and when both parties are reasonably certain that some of the lines will likely sell through to our Chinese customers, then we can place orders. We can finalise pricing and terms at that point. We can organise shipping and pay import tax & duties to clear customs at port. At Sinowei we manage the entire sales process from identifying the right prospects, building sales pipeline to closing deals. We take ownership and title of stock. We maintain close communication with our supplier partners to ensure everyone is aware of our activities in China and how the market is responding and engaging with our supplier’s brand(s) and product(s).

Visit Showroom & attend Trade Shows

We offer the opportunity for supplier partners, to visit and join us in our Shanghai showroom and at a number of trade shows where we exhibit during the year, throughout China. During November each year we participate in the CIIE (China International Import Expo) in Shanghai beside our Sinowei trading office and showroom.

Sinowei Shanghai team

The team will be educated and well versed about your company and product/brands. Regular feed-back and direct communication with the Shanghai team is provided.

Trademark protection

We can organise legal trademark protection for your brand(s) in China.

Brand Ambassador

We offer the option of providing a dedicated brand ambassador for your brand(s) & product(s). This individual would be responsible for the core areas of marketing and promotion in China and a direct contact to our Sinowei team for correspondence and ongoing feed-back.

We de-risk selling your products in China. Get in touch for a free brand consultation.

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