United Kingdom Import Pavilion at CIIE 2021

United Kingdom Import Pavilion at CIIE 2021

And… that’s a wrap for opening Day at the
China International Import Expo 2021!

That’s a wrap for the CIIE opening day in Shanghai! A lot has happened since -we were here last. Until November 10th, all attendees will be able to visit our booth [ 2.2 A5 – A6 ] where we are showcasing our diverse portfolio of products from across the UK.

We’ve a wonderful range of whiskies such as Republic of Whiskey from Northern Ireland, London Square Whisky from England and

CIIE is one of the most important events in the country for trading companies and the team have done an incredible job over the last few weeks preparing. With samples for the show still arriving in Shanghai up until yesterday, it’s safe to say the team have been busy!

One of the highlights was President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech, in which he put great emphasis on continuing economic globalization and furthering China’s importation of foreign goods.

“China will firmly share market opportunities with the rest of the world. China has a population of over 1.4 billion and a middle-income group of more than 400 million people. Our annual import in goods and services is valued at around $2.5 trillion. All this offers an enormous market. Going forward, China will lay more emphasis on expanding import, and pursue balanced development of trade.”

“For a boat to sail upstream, it has to forge ahead or be driven backward. We must stay on top of the prevailing trend of economic globalization, and support countries around the world in opening up wider while rejecting unilateralism and protectionism.”

Sinowei will continue building trade relations between China and European companies, as well as aiding a deeper understanding of this monumental market.

Shipping Monkeys to China…Happy Monkeys that is!

Shipping Monkeys to China…Happy Monkeys that is!

In sales, the first orders gets everyone excited.. especially when the brand is British and the market is China. However, the harder test is; will the buyers re-order? In the case of Happy Monkey smoothies and milkshakes we are now shipping 40ft loads from 20ft loads such is the demand created by our Sinowei Shanghai team. Great to collaborate on China with Wayne and Greg at Good Natured. The brand is selling B2B but surprisingly also B2C to the Chinese consumers online via social channels, WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Taobao, TikTok China.

We will be exhibiting more Happy Monkeys at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai this November… join us ?

Shenzhen Whiskies and Spirits Show

Shenzhen Whiskies and Spirits Show

A fantastic exhibition #Shenzhen #TOEwine Expo International! Well done to our Sinowei team who did an excellent job growing #brandawareness for Sinowei’s extensive drink portfolio… and even overcame extreme weather conditions in the middle of it all!

Travel restrictions have made #International trade shows and IRL meetings, feel like a dream of the past. With the Sinowei team based both in #Europe and Mainland #China, we’ve been able to represent our client companies at some of the largest exhibitions in the country.

Winning business in the most important global market has never been more accessible with our #derisked and #agile business model. This isn’t the end of our trade show travels – there’s plenty more to come in 2021…

#exports #sinoweitochina #foodandbeverage

Meet The Buyer Event Marks Count Down To CIIE In 2021

Meet The Buyer Event Marks Count Down To CIIE In 2021


Last week, the organisers of the largest importer tradeshow in China - CIIE - (China International Import Expo) held a pre-show event at the Greenland Global Trading Hub . As a tenant of Greenland, and upcoming exhibitor at CIIE, Sinowei were invited to attend this event and present our client brands to a bespoke group of buyers from the retail, wholesale and online marketplaces from across China. A hugely successful event, this was one of many pre show activities that will take place before the main CIIE show in Shanghai in November.

If you are a European or UK based food and beverage producer, interested in exporting to China - there is still time to join us at the 5 day show in November - the biggest import exhibition in China and globally.

Contact our events team for more information: jaz@sinowei.co.uk.

If you would like more information on our full range of services, please contact fiona@sinowei.co.uk or carlo@sinowei.co.uk


A unique part of the Sinowei client package is the production of bespoke client video content, prepared in house by Sarah and Kelly from Sinowei. Presented in English by Sarah, Mandarin by Kelly, the video is an invaluable marketing tool in communicating the characteristics of the brands to the Chinese consumer via the main social media channels in China such as Weibo, Douyin (TikTok), Bilibili, WeChat and Baidu.

Learn more here



Self heating meals, meal replacements, powdered drinks and nuts are among the most popular products with young consumers in China - better known as Gen Z, these consumers favour convenient, quick snacks and meals, according to statistics from Pinduoduo , whose marketplace attracts the highest proportion of Gen Z consumers with 824 million active annual consumers. Great opportunity for snacking brands across Europe!

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