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The Jelly Bean Factory ventures into Chinese Market with Sinowei

The Jelly Bean Factory is renowned for its juicy and diverse range of gourmet jelly beans, boasting over 36 mouthwatering flavors that promise a unique taste adventure. Established with a commitment to quality, each jelly bean is crafted to deliver a burst of flavor, using natural flavorings and no artificial colors. Cloetta were keen to test them in the Chinese market.

Market Research and Objectives

China’s market has shown a growing appetite for flavourful jelly sweets, driven by the increasing consumer experimentation for diverse and innovative flavors catering to both traditional tastes and international palates. The integration of healthier ingredients in jelly sweets such as real fruit juice and reduced sugar is appealing to a broader demographic.


Starting with the team in Belfast, we worked with the client to translate all marketing materials and prepare customs clearance documents before shipping samples to Sinowei Shanghai. Trademark protection was registered both in English and Chinese.

Brand Activation

To communicate the energetic and fun tone of the brand, Sinowei Studios created a series of posts in Mandarin for Chinese social media. The iconic flavour wheel and other brand details were uploaded to Sinowei’s B2B Chinese website. Our team carried out a double launch of The Jelly Bean Factory products, both at FHC and CIIE in November 2023.


The team has received positive feedback since launching The Jelly Bean Factory in Q4 of 2023. The market’s desire for innovative flavour experiences and natural ingredients has fast-tracked the sales opportunities in China, with first orders set to land in May 2024.

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