Countdown to CIIE 2021

Countdown to CIIE 2021


Last week, the organisers of the largest importer tradeshow in China - CIIE - (China International Import Expo) held a pre-show event at the Greenland Global Trading Hub . As a tenant of Greenland, and upcoming exhibitor at CIIE, Sinowei were invited to attend this event and present our client brands to a bespoke group of buyers from the retail, wholesale and online marketplaces from across China. A hugely successful event, this was one of many pre show activities that will take place before the main CIIE show in Shanghai in November.

If you are a European or UK based food and beverage producer, interested in exporting to China - there is still time to join us at the 5 day show in November - the biggest import exhibition in China and globally.

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A unique part of the Sinowei client package is the production of bespoke client video content, prepared in house by Sarah and Kelly from Sinowei. Presented in English by Sarah, Mandarin by Kelly, the video is an invaluable marketing tool in communicating the characteristics of the brands to the Chinese consumer via the main social media channels in China such as Weibo, Douyin (TikTok), Bilibili, WeChat and Baidu.

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Self heating meals, meal replacements, powdered drinks and nuts are among the most popular products with young consumers in China - better known as Gen Z, these consumers favour convenient, quick snacks and meals, according to statistics from Pinduoduo , whose marketplace attracts the highest proportion of Gen Z consumers with 824 million active annual consumers. Great opportunity for snacking brands across Europe!

Doing business in a globally connected world

Doing business in a globally connected world

by Gerry O’Reilly – CEO Sinowei

The world is inter-connected globally, which we are now only too aware. In 2019 I made a decision to invest in a trading office and showroom in Shanghai, China. So, we hired a crew, designed and fitted out the showroom. In November 2019 we opened our doors, in the G-Hub International Trading Hub, Shanghai. Christmas came and went, we were excited about the prospects 2020 could bring. Then Shanghai team went on Chinese New Year vacation and….. the world changed utterly.

Our Shanghai showroom and team were closed down for six weeks plus.. Then the virus arrived with us in Europe and now its our turn to be in lock-down. Thankfully, our team are now back at work in China and delivering an abundance of trading opportunities.

Ironically, China is open for business and we are working with numerous manufacturers to deliver export business into China.

We set out in 2019 to build a company in Shanghai to deliver export business for our clients and the opportunities are increasing by the day. We are now working with customers in China that seek both private-label and branded products in a number of key sectors; food and beverage, health and beauty, over the counter pharmacy and cosmetics.

If you would like us to help your business explore the opportunity in China please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Consul General Zhang Meifang Meets with Representatives of the Northern Ireland Government and Enterprises

Consul General Zhang Meifang Meets with Representatives of the Northern Ireland Government and Enterprises

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is an important opportunity to deepen mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation between China and Northern Ireland. On February 19, 2020, Consul General Zhang Meifang and Gerry O’Reilly, CEO of Sinowei, met with Andrew McCormick, Director General of International Relations of the Northern Ireland Government, Emma Marmion, President of the Newry Chamber of Commerce, and Tim Acheson, General Manager of Lakeland Dairy, who attended the 2nd CIIE. Mr O’Reilly and others exchanged views on further strengthening mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation between China and Northern Ireland. Vice Consul General Zhu Songhua and Director Zhang Peng of the Bilateral Office participated in the meeting.

Sinowei has established a permanent showroom in Shanghai to showcase a wide range of the UK and Irish products. The Government of Northern Ireland and related enterprises continue to tell the story of China and the Shanghai Expo, encouraging support for more Northern Ireland enterprises to participate in the third CIIE, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Northern Ireland to create new results.


Consul General Zhang Meifang Meets with CEO of Sinowei

Consul General Zhang Meifang Meets with CEO of Sinowei

On January 28, 2020, Consul General Zhang Meifang met with Gerry O’Reilly, CEO of Sinowei Limited. They exchanged views on the company’s operations in China, business development and other relevant economic issues.

Mr O’Reilly said that the Chinese government firmly supports trade liberalisation and economic globalisation, and has taken the initiative to open up its markets to the world, bringing tremendous opportunities for the development of Sinowei. As one of the principle cross-border B2B e-commerce companies in Northern Ireland, Sinowei is taking advantage of China’s vast development opportunities and actively exploring the Chinese market. After establishing a permanent show room in Shanghai last November, it has signed up for the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) and many Food and Beverage Industry Exhibitions in China. In the future, Sinowei will continue to further develop the Chinese market, to bring more high-quality British and Irish food and beverage products to China to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

Zhang Meifang expressed her appreciation for Sinowei’s efforts to open up the Chinese market and promote economic and trade cooperation between China and Northern Ireland. She noted that in the 70 years since the founding of New China, especially the 40 years of reform and opening-up, China’s economic and social development has attracted worldwide attention. Its total economic volume leaped to the second largest in the world and per capita GDP exceeding US$10,000. Against the background of weak global economic recovery, China’s economy continues to develop with higher quality standards. In 2020, China will promote a higher level of opening-up, with the United Kingdom and other countries in the world to continue to sustainably build the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative. The Chinese Consul General will continue to encourage and support Northern Ireland enterprises along with Sinowei, to expand economic and trade cooperation with China to achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit with win-win results. Sinowei is open to other Northern Ireland enterprises, introducing more experiences and practices in developing the Chinese market, telling good Chinese stories, and jointly promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Northern Ireland to continuously make new progress.

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