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United Kingdom Import Pavilion at CIIE 2021 Expo

And… that’s a wrap for opening Day at the China International Import Expo 2021!   That’s a wrap for the CIIE opening day in Shanghai! A lot has happened since -we were here last. Until November 10th, all attendees will be able to visit our booth [ 2.2 A5 – A6 ] where we are […]

Exporting bottled water to China

In a country that accounts for twenty-percent of the world’s population but only seven-percent of its fresh water supply, it’s no surprise that China is the largest bottled water market. Three key driving factors for this are; (1) Water pollution and several water scandals in the food and beverage sector(2) Expansion of China’s middle-class(3) Growing […]

Why is the Chinese New Year celebrated in Jan/Feb? Lunar vs Solas Calendars?

A cool thing about the Chinese, is they’re great travellers and seekers of adventure. As a result, we’ve seen waves of Chinese emigration throughout history and their influence can be seen all over the world. An example of this is the fact that twenty countries and regions recognise Chinese New Year as a designated day. […]

RCEP Shangdong Import Expo 2022

Shanghai trade show with Sinowei and Jawbox

One good thing about Summer drawing to an end – is the return to business as usual! Sinowei Shanghai have just wrapped up their first show in months. Having endured months of strict Covid lockdowns and restrictions, Hunter and Rayna did an amazing job representing our client brands in Linyi City! Located in the southeast […]

Chinese Consumption Trends for 2023: Rebalancing The Economy

“It is vital for companies not to underestimate the strength of domestic brands” While businesses are bracing themselves for a choppy start to 2023, there is also a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel. Inflation, the War in Ukraine and China’s reopening after three years of strict Covid-restrictions, are set to […]

Sinowei strengthening permanent presence in China

Sinowei is opening its second Import Pavilion in China, strengthening opportunities for Western companies to trade with the world’s fastest-growing market. Just one month before Chinese epidemiologists identified a new virus causing pneumonialike illness, Sinowei were officially raising their flag in China. In November 2019, the first Sinowei Import Pavilion launched in Shanghai – the […]

The Misconceptions of Western Brands Entering China

Top Challenges for Companies Trying to Navigate China Business   We’ve heard the saying, “the great things don’t come easy”. This will resonate with companies who try to establish a presence in China – the largest market in the world. While China is viewed as a golden egg of opportunity, many Western companies are deterred […]

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