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Cheers Whiskies and Spirits Club Launching

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What a launch party for our Cheers Whiskies and Spirits Club! A huge congratulations to our #Shanghai team who did a wonderful job hosting in our Showroom. With #CIIE just days away, we thought we’d invite some guests to meet the team and learn more about our products. Cheers Club is an exclusive member only club where members can sample some of the finest whiskies and spirits from Europe. Not only do our members have the luxury of sampling these lovely liquids, but they will find themselves immersed in the culture, the story and the history that surrounds them. Thank you to everyone who made the event such a success and you can come back for more at our CIIE Stand 2.2 A5 – A6. Cheers!

奢雅时威士忌酒及烈酒俱乐部圆满完成了我们的首届鸡尾酒会!非常感谢我们远在中国的出色上海团队#上海!奢雅时俱乐部是一个我们打造的会员专属俱乐部,会员可以品尝一些来自欧洲的最好的威士忌和烈酒。在我们俱乐部中您不仅能品尝到各式各样的酒水,各个国家的酒文化,酒厂的故事和历史您都可以在这里学习到。另外,我们怀着非常激动心情告诉大家,我们的产品将于几天后开始依次进入中国进口贸易博览会的会场啦#CIIE!欢迎大家来进博会来品尝我们公司为大家选取的来自欧洲的优质的产品,我们的进博会展位是 2.2 A5 – A6,期待在会场见到你们!


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