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The Jelly Bean Factory ventures into Chinese Market with Sinowei

The Jelly Bean Factory is renowned for its juicy and diverse range of gourmet jelly beans, boasting over 36 mouthwatering flavors that promise a unique taste adventure. Established with a commitment to quality, each jelly bean is crafted to deliver a burst of flavor, using natural flavorings and no artificial colors. Cloetta were keen to […]

Red Band’s Dutch Confectionary expands into China

Red Band is a beloved range of confectionery originating from the Netherlands. Red Band have carved a niche for themselves since 1928, with their distinct and fun range of colourful gummy products. The company caters to a range of flavour preferences and has created a unique candy wonderland which caters to all preferences and is […]

Introducing Knappogue Castle into China’s Whiskey Market

Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey stands as a distinguished example of Ireland’s rich whiskey-making tradition. Aged meticulously in oak casks, this whiskey presents a complex bouquet of flavors, ensuring a sophisticated sipping experience. The historic Knappogue Castle, (pronounced Nah’ Pogue) translates to hill of the kiss in Gaeilge, adding an enchanting layer. Market Research and Objectives […]

Jawbox Gin: Distilling Success in China’s Premium Spirits Market

Jawbox is a range of premium gins, originating from the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is renowned for its bold flavor profile, which is achieved through a meticulous process of triple-distillation and the infusion of eleven carefully selected botanicals, including local Black Mountain heather. Jawbox is owned by one of our client companies, Drinksology […]

Hitschies Confectionary expands into China

Hitschies is a vibrant brand of confectionery known for its wide array of colorful, fun, and flavourful candy. Founded by the Hitschler family in 1929, Hitschies have carved a long tradition of sweet innovations for four generations. With presence in other Asian markets, Hitschies’ were keen to establish opportunities in China. Market Research and Objectives […]

Cloetta’s Sweet Expansion into Chinese Market

Sell your products in China with Sinowei

Cloetta Confectionery, established in 1862 in Sweden, is a renowned European confectionery company that has delighted taste buds for over a century with its wide range of sweets, chocolates, and snacks. Cloetta has introduced a variety of beloved brands which have become household names in over 60 countries. Their team the Netherlands’ works with Sinowei […]

Chewits in China: Sinowei introduces Chewits to Chinese Market

exporting Chewits to China

Chewits are a popular brand of chewy, fruit-flavored candies that have delighted taste buds since their introduction in the UK in 1965. Over the years, Chewie the “Chewasorous” has become a nostalgic friend for many, maintaining his charm with both the young and the young at heart who enjoy the irresistibly chewy texture and fruity […]

Cawston Press: Exporting Natural Drinks into Chinese Market

cawston export to China

Cawston Press is a UK-based beverage company known for its commitment to crafting refreshingly natural drinks. With their “crisp” and “deliciously tart” flavours, Cawston guides us on a tour of the Great British kitchen garden. Sticking to their promise of “no-jiggery-pokery” since 1986, the company have pressed their passion into over twenty markets and were […]

Bowsaw: Kentucky Tradition Meets China’s Growing Whiskey Market

bowsaw whiskey export to china

Bowsaw is a range of American whiskey, honouring the country’s most prominent distilling state. A trilogy of bourbon, straight corn and rye whiskey, Bowsaw embodies the spirit of Kentucky craftsmanship. Using time-honoured techniques, Bowsaw offers a full-bodied experience in every sip. Bowsaw is represented by Drinksology, who were keen to test the market in China. […]

3Leaf Case Study: Irish Dairy in China’s Health Market

3Leaf export to China - Sinowei

3Leaf is a range of nutritional powder made from 100% Irish milk. The brand pays tribute to the supreme quality of Ireland’s dairy produce and our native flora. 3Leaf’s dual lines cater for the specific nutritional needs of both children and adults. With over 24 vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber and several flavours to choose […]

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